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The Game of Thrones Weekly Review

Our podcast would be a week based episode during the airing of the HBO series Game of Thrones.  This specific episode would be to catch up a new watcher on the events of the first season and general story line.


:00-:09 Intro Music

:10-1:36 Overview and summary of Game of Thrones

1:37-2:34 How Sam and Shelby we introduced to Game of Thrones

2:35-3:11 Outro and Outro Music



The music used for the intro and outro is “Precious Name” by Calling Jonah.


So Maybe We aren’t Number 1

A Critique of “Buck, Naked” an Audio Story by Andrew Norton

In the audio story “Buck, Naked” Andrew Norton interviews a nude model, otherwise known as a figure model, named Buck Deets.  Other than the first 45 seconds or so the story is very interesting and easy to follow.  I believe letting the listener know what Buck’s job is so late into the story could cause someone to become uninterested.  

The sound quality of the story is overall very good.  There are many places where natural sound is implemented effectively.  The best of which is when you can hear Buck flipping through the pages of his pose sketches in the introduction to the story.  The noises almost make you feel as if you are sitting there with him as he explains each pose.  

The only of Norton’s editing decisions I would choose to change was the inclusion of the bathroom changing clip.  Not only is the background noise too loud, the acoustics of the room cause Buck’s voice to become annoyingly distorted.  The clip content is good but it could have been presented bretter.  Norton’s best editing decision was the focus on Buck’s theatrical personality.  Including the multiple clips of Buck singing different show-tunes draws you into a certain familiarity with him, and not to mention add an element of humor to the story.  

This person and this story was absolutely a good choice.  Not only is the character and personality of Buck wildly entertaining, he works in a field that very few have any knowledge of.  The nude model aspect carries a type of shock factor that demands the listeners undivided attention as it is something most people would never do.  Over all the story is great and highly effective in entertaining and informing the listener.

Tajik Jimmy Sound Clip Edit

My editing process began with listening to the story multiple times and noting any places which seemed uneccesary to maintaining the story’s intent.  After I determined the parts I wanted to cut I simply highlighted and deleted the sections.  If there was an awkward amount of dead space or not enough between the spliced clips then I added or deleted enough to make it seem natural.

The original story can be found here at NPR’s website.

My edit of the story can be found below:

Blog Critique

Scott Erickson is an artist and graphic designer that I follow.  I have chosen to critique his latest post about a painting he did for a restaurant in Seattle entitled “5 Spot Painting for DC This Fall”.

This story was presented in the forms of text and photographs with the text being used to inform the reader about the restaurant and painting and the pictures being used to show the readers the restaurant and the painting.

The only weakness I would say this post had was that the pictures seemed to break up the flow of the text since there was not a large of amount of text to be read.  Though once you figured out that each paragraph is still the same story you see the greatest strength of the post which I believe is that the text and the photographs seem to perfectly compliment one another to paint a picture of the entire situation.  I was not left wondering anything about the painting or the restaurant or even the specific atmosphere the restaurant tries to present because of how well the pictures and words meshed together to create a story.

One significant concept I learned is that when you can perfectly blend pictures and words it can much more effectively tell a story that just a single media alone.

Not always fun and games

So my Internet hasn’t been working right since the storms last weekend so I’ll begin with saying that this was done entirely on an IPhone. Thank God for smartphones!

Today the band had one of our Sunday business meetings. The topic of today’s meeting happened to be funds for the completion of our sound system and what we need to raise for our recording project at the end of this summer. This is where the title of this particular blog entry comes in. It looks like everything we do is fun and games and a lot of the time that’s true but sometimes we have to face the cold hard truth that everyone needs money. So I’m going to tell you how much money we have to round up to complete the two goals I stated earlier. Yesterday we drove to Dallas and spent $2,600 on two subwoofers. Next up we have to spend somewhere around $1,200 on three wireless ear monitors. In the next two months we have to find the money to buy two $1,300 full range speakers and a $3,300 mixing console. Not to mention the cables and microphones we will need to run it. So we are looking at about $8,000-10,000 we have to spend on buying our sound system. So now let’s move on to our recording project. It will cost us around $3,000 to fly our producer our for two weeks to help us record five songs. The studio and engineers that we have chosen for this project are will cost us $1,500 per song. So multiply it by five obviously. Next we will have to pay the mixing guy $3,000 and then $700 to the mastering guy. So let’s add that all up and see the total shall we? …..$14,200! Plus something like 800 for our hotel for two weeks so let’s just call it $15,000!

So now you see what I mean when I say it’s not always fun and games. We pretty much are regularly faced with what looks like impossible odds against us. And we find that God pretty much helps us overcome those odds time and time again. So let’s see what’s in store these next few months!

A Weekend With Sam

This last weekend I had the opportunity to be the personal assistant for the band Luminate.  You might not think that’s such a big deal but to me it really was. Luminate has been a favourite of mine since the hit the CCM scene in late 2010 with their single “Come Home”.  Part of my duties as their assistant was to take them out to eat somewhere in Wichita Falls that served whatever they happened to be in the mood for.  On Saturday the band consensus was sushi so i drove them to a small sushi bar but there were not enough seats in the restaurant for all of us to sit.  So Tanner (the lead singer of Calling Jonah), Sam (the lead singer of Luminate), and I went across the street to get some tacos.  While we were eating, Sam was telling us stories of some of the cool things he has done and he accidentally brought the topic of his past musical career.  At first he wouldn’t tell us what band he used to be in but I finally got it out of him.  He had been telling us they were wildly popular but we never imagined what scale of popular he really meant.  It turned out that Sam was the harmony vocals and rhythm guitarist for 1. Billy Ray Cyrus and 2. Miley Cyrus (as Hannah Montana).  Sam told us he was making more money every two weeks in those two bands than he does in a year with Luminate.  But he left it all in the end when he realized that at the end of every day he had “accomplished nothing for the kingdom”.  He felt like rather than leading people to God he was distracting them.  I can’t even begin to imagine the courage it would take to leave a life of fame and fortune to live the low payed life of a small CCM band.  Talk about a guy with a good story huh?